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omar mansour 7 Jul 2011 21:04

july 2002 -july 2011
in july 2002 i found horizons unlimited ,don't know how as its 9 years ago ,
i just wanted to tell that after 9 years of being a member in horizons i feel i'm a part of a big family all over the world ,
as i'm from Egypt we dont have big comunitis for motorbikes and its so limited to get information about how to travel and what to do if you want to do it on a motorbike
thanks a lot Grant & Susan Johnson,for that great site \you helped me (and sure many other travelers to live their dreams and travel with much ease )
keep it up and i'm dreaming to join one of the H-U meetings ,hope soon
ps. i posted that here as i couldn't post it on the guest book
greetings from Egypt
Omar Mansour 9 years of being a member in H-U :scooter::scooter::scooter:

Grant Johnson 8 Jul 2011 16:09

Thanks Omar! You ARE absolutely a member of the family! :)

Hope to see you soon at an HU Meeting somewhere!

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