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uk_vette 16 May 2011 05:23

Grant, Grant, Grant, What have you done?
This has got to be a huge fail in terms of web site upgrade.
I am sorry but this is bordering on crazy.

The stupid web site keeps asking "have you forgot your username or password"


Grant, I have tried and wasted much time even trying to log on.
Using standard Vista, with Firefox.

I have thown away all the cookies, this didn't help.
All I have now, is to put in all my usernames and passwords for my trillion other websites.

I have reset my password 2 times in 2 days,
I hope this is going to fix it, but I am not holding my breath.

Why was there a need to seemingly, fix some thing that wasn't broke ?


Grant Johnson 16 May 2011 06:01

Graham, sorry for the frustration, I'm frustrated too!

The login issue we know all about, I've spent the last three days trying ot sort out exactly what's going on - and I and our developers will be hard at it fixing it Monday. (Pacific time)

MOST people are okay, and following the instructions in the yellow box above seems to take care of most issues.

RESETTING your password IS NOT the solution unless you have truly forgotten it! And if it doesn't work, jsut lcick the webmaster feedback link above and ask for help - I'll get you sorted asap!

We spent over a hundred hours testing and bug swatting, and thought we had it sorted - but it's obvious that we didn't get ALL of it. Please be patient - we're doing our best!

As for why - very simple - the old software is no longer supported, and is ancient - so we had to upgrade. Also, there were a LOT of feature requests we had that people wanted, and we couldn't do - and a lot of things that we wanted to do to make our life a lot easier, automating a lot of stuff that is currently manual and takes us a HUGE amount of time that should be instant and automated, that we couldn't easily set up on the old software. So despite the pain, and huge expense - you have no idea what this stuff co$t$ - we needed to do it. And we'll be doing a lot more behind the scenes to make a better website for everyone, including us working away in the background.

It's now 99% done - we just have a few small bugs to swat and we're good to go.

hope that helps a little! now for some beer

and bed for me...

uk_vette 17 May 2011 11:33

Hello Grant,

Thanks for the continued good support.
I was able to log in now with no problems at all.

Keep up the good work, and I am sure the remaining niggles will also soon start to disapear.


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