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loxsmith 3 Jul 2006 08:28

Gold Member
Sounds like an old movie title but the real reason for this message is to ask how long it takes for Cafe Express to notify you that Gold Member sales have been made? I purchased a Gold Member T Shirt and mug to try and return something for the help I have been given by the all who visit this site and to yourselves who work the long hours to make it all happen. The purchase dates back to 5/2/2006. My user name still appears as a non contributing member. If you need the order number let me know.
Keep up the good work!

Matt Cartney 8 Jul 2006 13:13

Yep, the system doesn't seem to work too well. I made a small donation months ago to get standard membership but nothing came up, so I paid the extra at the HU meet in Derbyshire, so hopefully that'll register! I'm not really too bothered except that I hope no-one thinks after all the masses of great info. I've got from the site, I'm too mean to make a donation! (It's a Scottish thing, we're sensitive about being called stingy!)

Grant Johnson 19 Jul 2006 19:14

There is a problem with CafePress - in order to ensure your privacy, they don't tell us your email address! And without an email address, and most of you use a HUBB name unrelated to your real name, we have no way of making the connection! So if you haven't received your upgrade to Member, just send us an email with date of purchase and what it was, and we'll get you upgraded asap!

UK Meeting Memberships are in progress - it takes a while, there's a lot of you! AND I'm still catching up from a seriously heavy round of meetings and flights - two round trips to the USA in four weeks, and three meetings. But I'm getting there...

(which is why I am only just now seeing this thread...)

And you have both had your upgrade done!

And thanks to all for the support! :clap:


Grant Johnson 19 Jul 2006 19:16

p.s. - always remember it's mostly just me - so if something doesn't happen, send me a message - I could have missed it - or something went wrong :oops2: :blushing: etc.

ta, Grant

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