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Steve Pickford 11 Nov 2003 19:31

Freebies page?
Grant & Susan,

How about a section for members to advertise those parts that we all have kicking about our garages etc that are not valuable enough to be worth advertising for sale but are too good to throw away?

The sort of thing that is of no use to us but would make someone else's day to get for nothing. It could be suggested that as they're free, the recipient might make a small donation to HUBB in lieu of payment?

I'd be glad to reduce my collection of master cylinders, calipers & other assorted parts.


Grant Johnson 12 Nov 2003 03:49

Hi Steve,

Thaks for a great idea - but note there is no charge to advertise bits and bobs on the HUBB in the Travel parts for sale/wanted forum. And if you want to give it away go ahead!

Donations always gratefuly accepted! See the store page here or click on the PayPal/Amazon links on the right of all the webpages on the main site (on the left bottom on the HUBB).

Would those be BMW parts you're giving away? http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif

Thanks, Grant

Steve Pickford 13 Nov 2003 21:57

Unfortunately no BMW parts going free at the moment. When my K100 expires. I will have have a selection of parts going cheap or free in some cases.

I do have a K100 engine with a duff crank if someone wants to take it away. The cylinder head may be of use to someone.


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