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Matt Cartney 8 Jul 2006 12:16

Custom Avatars
How do I set a custom Avatar (like Wheelies?) I have a groovy pic of me on my Bullet I want to share!

XRM 9 Jul 2006 11:35

I 'm sure you need to be a gold menber - saw it in a previous thread somewhere on the site.

Grant Johnson 19 Jul 2006 18:02

more or less - Contributing and Gold Members can both do custom avatars, Gold a little bit bigger. There are advantages to membership! :) We do want to give something a little extra back to all those who see fit to support us, even though there is no requirement to do so, and custom avatars is just one of several at the moment, and more to come.

Go to the faq and search on HUBB privileges for current details.

Plus of course you get our sincere thanks and loads of good karma! :)

Grant and Susan

Matt Cartney 19 Jul 2006 23:09

Cheers Grant!
Am now a very happy bunny!

jkrijt 22 Oct 2006 13:54

Custom Avatar
Since the HU meeting in Belgium, I am contributing member but I can not load a Custom Avatar :-(
I would love to have my profile picture as an avatar.

I looked in the FAQ and in other posts but I does not work. What do I do wrong ?

Grant Johnson 22 Oct 2006 17:08

Try again Jan, you should be able to now! I have upped your status, and thanks for the support!

Problem is we're running behind - it's a manual process to upgrade the status, and we've been going flat out since before Belgium. Straight from the Belgium Meeting we rode to Portugal for the meeting there, rode back to the UK, then I was off to Mexico for the meeting there, and only just got back on Friday.

things are slowly getting caught up and back to normal slow...

Everyone will get upgraded soon!

thanks for your patience - by next year it will be a much quicker process!

jkrijt 23 Oct 2006 13:35

It works
Thanks Grant, it works. I could upload my picture.

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