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McCoy 14 Aug 2012 14:59

Triumph Scrambler going the distance

Just to let you know that I completed a 9000 km trip around the Black Sea on my 2010 Triumph Scrambler. Not the ultimate touring or adventure bike but the quality is definitely there. The light bulb in the rev counter went dark and one of the mirrors came a bit loose. That was it.:thumbup1:

Fantastic Mister Fox 14 Aug 2012 15:55

I've always loved the looks of the scrambler, glad you had a good trip.

Algarve Nick 15 Aug 2012 21:50

I am very interested in what you've done. I am about to select a bike to fly to KL in Malaysia and ride round that country, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. I was almost certain my choice would be a Yamaha XT660R (probably the sensible choice and the most likely) but part of me fancies the Scrambler. I could stick my Metal Mule top box on plus a tankbag and Ortlieb roll and er, roll. Reliability is my biggest concern. I'm not bothered about top speed but fuel consumption is an interest. Have you anything you could tell me. Congratulations on your trip. How many miles/kms did your bike have on it before you set off? Lots of bikes are reliable for 20K miles. It's after that that the problems emerge. Woud appreciate hearing from you. Nick.

blacktiger 3 Jan 2013 13:57

Good bike the Scram. Mine got me to places an ordinary road bike couldn't and even got to place companions on KTMs and BMWs couldn't.
This was the easy bit...
This not so..

The thing that killed it for me was the short suspension. It beat me to death every ride so I changed to an 800XC. Glad you're making good use of yours.

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