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Charlimoto 14 Jan 2010 04:12

Sprint ST Problem
My 06 Sprint ST runs great until the temperature drops to freezing at which point it will not idle. At first it will idle too high (about 2000 RPM), then the next time I start it the idle seems fine until I put it in gear and start to go at which point it will not stay running except by holding the RPM's up with the throttle. It does this almost every time. Has anyone had or heard of this problem? If so please let me know!

triumphmark 21 Jan 2010 13:57

Hello Charlie,
Sorry to hear about the problems with your bike - i have a 955 Sprint ST thats been
faultless so far, ive not heard of problems similar to yours, but there is a excellant UK based website/forum that has lots of information on the Hinckley Triumphs
Problem Solving - Tech Forums - Messageboard - Triumph Torque
Good Luck.

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