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Caleyman 28 Mar 2007 20:35

Sprint ST in Eastern Europe

I have an 02 Sprint ST and plan to take it out as far east as Southern Poland before heading down through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria before heading back up through Albania, Croatia, Italy etc.

I have done distance in Europe on the bike before and found it comfy, economical and reliable however according to various books and this site some of the roads are not to clever. I have had some feedback that the bike should be OK in most cases in Romainia and Bulgaria but Albania is a bit of an unknown.

Has anybody on this site been out there either on a Triumph or any other bike and can give any advice. I dont really want to get another bike, its money I would rather spend out there.

Am I being a bit naive thinking that a sports tourer is up to the job.


trophymick 29 Mar 2007 12:20

No you are not being naive, go for it:thumbup1: As long as you know your and the bikes limitations you will be fine. One of the biggest problems with a bike trip is overloading the bike, this leads to bad handling and extra stress on the bike:nono: Keep it simple and enjoy:scooter:


steven201070 11 Aug 2009 22:18

sprint st
Caleyman, I've only now read your message. Was wondering if the trip happened and how the sprint held. I have one too - since 3 months - and I'm wondering if it's up to this kind of trip.

SpitfireTriple 19 Aug 2009 18:37

I did something similar 12 months ago on an Aprilia Futura (link below). I reckon my Daytona 900 would have done just as well - maybe not quite so comfy. People think you need a BMW GS1200 like Charlie & Ewen, but you don't, any sports tourer will manage it no problem. You just need the right attitude - some of the roads I encountered in Albania were a bit dodgy, I wouldn't have liked to do them two-up on a Goldwing, but solo on a sports-tourer they were fine.

The only thing I'd suggest is to go as far as Istanbul. I found it an amazingly exotic city, truly a worthwhile destination/ turning point.

Andysr6 19 Aug 2009 22:48

Hi, i was in Albania a few weeks ago and they have spent a lot of money improving their roads but they are still the worst in Europe although Romania and bulgaria run them close. Do not ride any of these roads at night. Andy

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