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Mermaid 5 Jul 2006 12:55

Screen problem
Mr Mermaid has a problem with wind turbulence (caused by the screen!) when riding. He experiences a resonant 'banging' right in hs ears which he can reduce if he stands up. As an experiment he removed the screen and the noise went with it - unfortunately the wind/weather protection has also been removed.
He's thinking of trying the sport screen as it is much lower and so will be similar to his experiment.
I've been wondering about the screens I've seen where there is an additional part on the screen. I think it's hinged so that you can alter the direction of air flow?

Has anyone suffered the same problems?
Are those other screens any good? If they are - who supplies them.
Has anyone got any other suggestions?


Mike 5 Jul 2006 14:48

You forgot to mention which bike you're on!
The following have various ideas for all Triumphs:
and for the new Bonnies specifically:

Personally speaking, i prefer riding (a Bonnie) without a screen. Aesthetics - and the feel of air in the hair. It also slows me down, so I can smell the roses.


Mermaid 12 Jul 2006 13:00

Hmmmm - good point that! ......... It's a 2006 Tiger 955.

The Triumph own screen options don't seem to be any better from what I've heard.
Apparently the MRA Varios are an improvement but not perfect - any thoughts?

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