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Chris1200 9 Jun 2008 12:39

Help needed with sat nav on a Triumph Trophy!!
Hello folks

I currently have a Garmin Nuvi 250W (slim unit). I have never used it on my bike but it was my intention to take it this year on a planned Euro trip. I know it isn't the ideal unit for a bike as it isn't waterproof etc. but I had thought it might do the job anyway. It comes preloaded with Euro maps so I don't need to worry about downloading from discs etc.

My problem though is finding a way of mounting it to my bike. My bike is a 2003 Triumph Trophy and doesn't have any exposed handlebar section where you can simply clamp something to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I could adapt it? I think you would need to be reasonably familiar with the handlebars of a Trophy to fully understand the problem I am facing. There simply isn't any exposed bar anywhere as it's fully encased in a plastic cover and there is no space around the grips.

Damn, I hate dilemmas!!!!


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Threewheelbonnie 9 Jun 2008 16:41

Inside the map pocket of a tank bag?


Riq 9 Jun 2008 17:31

Below the windscreen
I have had some luck with mounting mine to the plastic faining inside the windscreen. I ride a 1996 Trophy 1200 so it should be the same configuration.

My only problem is that I use a Lowrance H2O which is a bit heavy so it sometimes vibrates the velcro I have glued on apart.

I have simply glued the one side of the velcro to the plastic fairing and the other to the back of my GPS.

Have fun.


trophymick 10 Jun 2008 10:04

I had the same problem with my Garmin SP111, first mounting on a trip to France and Spain was on my tank bag.


Second position was on the top fork yolk. I removed the plastic cover and run a tap (8mm I think) through the hole just above the big chrome nut. This worked great for 12 months or so.


The final position :rofl: is on the handle bar. I removed the plastic plug that is in the mirror mount, and made a aluminium bracket to attach my 'Ram Ball mount' to. This is the best position for viewing the GPS whilst riding, due to it being at eye level.


With yours not being waterproof, I would carry some small food bags and ties with you, they are great for keeping water out:thumbup1:
Hope this gives you some ideas :mchappy:


Chris1200 10 Jun 2008 12:56

You are a star!!
Hi Trophymick, what a star you are!!!
Thanks for the great photos. They are a real help.
By the way, what are the exhausts you have? Do they make much of a difference? Is it just new cans or did you replace the whole kit and kaboodle???


trophymick 10 Jun 2008 13:58

Hi Chris, they are 'Staintune cans' from Australia, they do make the Trophy sound a lot nicer, especially with the baffles removed. They're not cheap, but the build quality is exceptional:thumbup1:
I have had mine about four years now, got them from here
Sportouring Bike Accessories

I'm over your neck of the woods next week, staying in Portrush for a few nights, can't wait :mchappy:

This is a excellent site for Trophy owners, loads of info and a friendly bunch:cool4: TriumphTrophy : Hinckley Triumph Trophy Online Community


MarkShelley 26 Jun 2009 13:27

Have a look at thread ``Car GPS units again` in the sat nav/gps section for a pic of how I fitted a Nuvi 250 on my Triumph Trident.

radicaled 6 Aug 2010 11:49

getting a grip
Hey Trophymick, great setup - side question, what kind of grips are those on your bike? Tia, Ed

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