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chris125 26 Aug 2010 13:37

Breaking My 1996 Triumph Trophy For Parts!

I have a 1996 (bug eye, twin headlight version) Triumph Trophy 900. It has done 25000 miles.
Unfortunately the head gasket has gone on it and rather than pay an extortionate dealer price to fix it I have decided to break it for parts.

So if any of you want something please let me know. At this point (Thursday 26 August) it is complete, however the engine has been removed. I still have it, it just isn't in the bike.

The bike is British Racing Green. It has the occasional scratch here and there and wear and tear that you'd expect for the year but overall it is in very good condition.

PLEASE NOTE: If you arew interested in any parts please be aware that I live in Northern Ireland. I will happily post/courier/etc. to any address in Northern Ireland/Southern Ireland or mainland UK. I WILL NOT POST ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK. Some people just don't get the fact that it costs more to send stuff overseas and I can't be bothered trying to explain that when they complain. I'm sure though that all HUBB'ers do realise this!

Feel free to send me a personal message or email (chris050@hotmail.co.uk) if you have any queries. I prefer not to discuss the finer details of any transaction in a public forum and I'm sure you won't want to either.


Norfolkguy 27 Aug 2010 06:54

Oh no Chris, back to the drawing board for the trip next year then?

Ironic, both of us committed to the trip, and both now without wheels! Hope you get a buyer soon.

adrian74 11 Sep 2010 13:33

Hi Chris, any luck selling the bike/engine?

GREGGLF 11 Feb 2011 22:14

Are You Still Selling Them?

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