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varadero05 21 Aug 2009 19:53

Bonneville T100 adventure bike
Hello all,
Ive been doing a bit of research about overlanding on a t100 and found this link. Hand made 7-8 gallon tank. Emailed for a quote $2000 plus shipping. Ouch! But nice.

beastly adventure modifications: triumph bonneville t100 - Page 5 - ADVrider

Mike 26 Aug 2009 16:53

Hello varadero05

I rode an '06 Bonneville 42,000 miles around Europe.. Metal Mule panniers but no mods to the bike itself. If you have any questions I'd be happy to [try and] help. If it would be easier over a pint, I'm up the road in Norwich.


Threewheelbonnie 26 Aug 2009 17:05


Originally Posted by varadero05 (Post 254240)
Hello all,
. Emailed for a quote $2000 plus shipping. Ouch! But nice.

Strewth. Why did that quote remind me of the Chinese bloke the in the "Virgin Soldiers". He was called Fook Mi or something.

Take a look at


Auxilliary tank: still aluminium but gives you as much as you'd like at £70 or so and if it cracks you keep the 16 litres in the bike tank.

The Tank Shop: Quoted me £300-400 for an Aluminium bike tank.

I can only guess the spare thousand was to cover some special process involving rocking horse poo that prevents aluminium cracking. Put it this way, IMHO there is quadraped excrement involved somewhere if a tank costs over a grand.


varadero05 26 Aug 2009 20:06

Hi Mike and Threewheelbonnie

Now im not one to go casting dispersions about pricing but I think $2400 would buy a lot of petrol for the standard tank. I did have some thoughts about just carry a bit extra and looked into the use of jerry cans and cans with breather vents in. Found these

RotopaX 1 GALLON FUEL PACK, Gas, Jerry, ATV, Kolpin:eBay Motors (item 200350177125 end time Sep-05-09 01:06:51 PDT)
Wasnt this link but I found one somewhere where the mount looked like it could be fixed onto the hepco and becker pannier rails ive got. Are you still on your Bonnie Mike? Would like a ride out sometim.e

oldbmw 26 Aug 2009 20:56

dont carry petrol in a top box.
When I had my BMW i used to carry a spare gallon in one of teh panniers. it was an exact fit and did not budge. Testing to see how far I could go on the Enfield, I put acan in my pizza delivery top box. Somewhere along my ride the can fellover and spilled about 3 litres of petrol. It was all sloshing about in the top box. I managed to recue everything except my glasses case and phone had both dissolved :( The box is fine. So I still do not know how far, or how much fuel my bike has. The BMW supposedly had a 22 litre tank, but I never could put more than 18 litres in it even after doing 40Km on reserve. The Enfield took 11.81 litres after 15KM on reserve to give me a range os 252 miles of local runs. The tank is suppose to have 14.5 litre capacity ( +- 1 litre). Htchcocks do a 18 litre tank for 160+vat and I may well buy one as I sometimes need a 300 mile range from ferry port to home.

trophydave 26 Aug 2009 21:10

Last time I went out with a can of petrol in the topbox of my Transalp I found that a previous owner thought that it was O.K. to just have the rack held on with two bolts instead of four.At some point the rack drooped down leaving the indicator just behind the exhaust,nicely melting it.
Lesson learned,check absolutely everything over when you buy a bike.

Threewheelbonnie 27 Aug 2009 07:59

The trouble with jerry cans is that you have to stop to use them, fine up some trail, not so great at spaghetti junction, plus people have a habit of stealing them.

Old BMW: For the Enfield, check out E-bay there are 22 litre Bullet tanks from India at a lot less than Hitchcocks prices. The guy who took my Bullet off me got one, had it repainted and still had enough cash left to start his next project. Unfortunately for us Bonneville riders we have a very large frame tube. It'd be major surgery to get an Enfield tank on.


andypettitt62 4 Sep 2009 07:30

I have the Norman Hyde 5 gallontank on my '07 Bonny.Its good for round 200 miles before you have to think about filling up.It doesnt have a reserve on it so you have to plan your route to include fill ups within its range.I have just done a 13000 k tour round Australia and there was only one stretch out of my bikes range, but I hade a 1 gallon jerry csn for such situations.The tank is around 800 quid from Norman and my matched my bikes black and silver colour scheme.

Mike the Bike 24 Dec 2012 16:33

Bonny Long Legs
I'm up to 32K miles on my 865cc 06 carb T100, which includes a recent two up 3000 miler around Southern Europe. She now has the following mods :

19t front & 42t rear sprockets [replaced 18/44]
Triumph K&Q seat [standard extra]
Givi A660 screen [better airflow than Triumphs barn door]
Centre Stand [we all get punctures]
Fork Gaiters [saves the fork seals]
Oxford hot grips [I'm a wimp]
Hand Guards [see above]
26 litre tank [see TAB Tanks website - that's her]
External fuel filter [Can see it blocking]
Twin fuel taps [one each side, to use all the fuel]
Blanked off air injection system [see below]
45 litre top box [so many shoes !]
Oxford throwover rear panniers and homemade side bars
LIDL 10lt. pushbike panniers and tankbag up front [weight forward]
Clock [timing the miles]
Deer whistle [live in Devon]
60 mpg, averaging 60 mph two up, with 25 kgs baggage.

Why do so much, instead of buying a proper tourer ? You have a point, however whilst these mods have been slowly progressing I've had quite a few other bikes as well. They've all come and gone for various reasons, mainly because they are over complicated. I like to keep it simple so I can fix the Bonny anywhere. Example + 45C air temp crossing central Spain cruising at 70mph. I turned into a cobble streeted town and she died due to the vibrations causing vapour locking. I bunged away the air injection system and it never happened again. Try that with electronic fuel injection.

I have noted people uprating the rear shock absorbers. I decided to try keeping the centre of gravity as standard, by using tank panniers and a tank bag to move my toolroll and other heavy things forward. Now, two up, fully loaded, she does not bottom the shocks and is not light on the front end. Much better.

So, the Bonny is a keeper and the one we tour on. I also take off the panniers and solo commute in traffic. I'm still buying and trying other bikes, but the nearest yet has been a Suzuki Van Van. Now if they did a 350 or 500 twin version ......

fraser2312 24 Dec 2012 21:20

Sound good Mike. Any pics?

I bought a 2007 Bonneville in the 'summer' and i'm going to set it up for touring in the spring. :mchappy:

realmc26 26 Dec 2012 04:36

Just about to test my giant loop great basin bag on my 2012 T100 on a 4 day trip, probably to Tasmania. Looking at getting one of those collapsible fuel bladders just in case . I only get about 170 km before the red light comes on.

Ferg & TJ 26 Dec 2012 10:44

Triumph Bonneville AshaBlue from Glasgow to Kathmandu
Back in 2008 I rode my Bonnie from Scotland to Kathmandu. I had no problems. The bike was completely stock and I would do it again tomorrow.

Since then apart from regular servicing I have only changed the tyres, seal on the forks (which happened in Nepal post the trip), and the chain and cogs.

There's photos at Facebook G2K.

Go for it, but remember you don't know what's round the next corner.


Benny_76 11 Jan 2013 10:10

I bought an 08 EFI T100 last July, not only do I love it's looks but I find it to be an excellent touring bike. I switched the rear shocks for a pair of IKONS, invested in metal mule racks and panniers and added a 45 litre Givi box. I did have a large screen but that cracked when I dropped the bike in my garage the other day :oops2: so that has now gone. I done 5 days around Scotland last August 2-up with a load of camping gear and I found the bike to be very easy to handle with all of the weight compared to other bikes I've owned. However, I do agree with the above posts in that the tank range is a bit naff.

fraser2312 12 Jan 2013 01:01


Originally Posted by Benny_76 (Post 407237)
I switched the rear shocks for a pair of IKONS,

How are you finding the IKONS? I was toying with the idea of changing the standard rear shocks.

Benny_76 13 Jan 2013 08:55

The IKONS are excellent, they make a huge difference to both handling and ride comfort over the stock shocks which I found made the bike 'bounce' on rough road surfaces. When I first bought the bike my wife who often rides pillion absolutely hated it because the ride was so uncomfortable, so I replaced the shocks and put a King & Queen seat on and she hasn't complained since!

There is a fair bit of info over on the TriumphRat forum about shock upgrades for the Bonnie, the consensus seems to be that any replacement shock will be superior to the original. I am not overly chuffed with the stock front springs either, so I reckon I will have them out before the summer.

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