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PipWakeman 15 May 2001 02:19

Across Amercia?
As a relative novice to this game. I'd appreciate any advise for traversing the USA. I spent two months travelling from Vancouver to Toronto last year on my 955i and apart from the odd mishap i had a gr8 time. At the moment i'm unsure of routes, pitfalls, dealer networks and suggested timescales

Any help would be appreciated


geoff.walton 16 May 2001 11:25

As far as dealer support is concerned check out the factories website at www.triumph.co.uk for a complete list of dealers in the world.
As far as route goes, how long do you have to get from one side to the other, what kind of things are you interested in seeing, how far do you want to ride a day.
Not wishing to do this group a dis-service but you may be better posting your question to the Hinckley Triumph Digest where there are quite a few members in the good old US of A who will be more help for on the ground info. Try http://www.ps.baltimore.md.us/triump...ing_list.html.
Also try putting your question to the route planning part of this bulletin board, as it tends to attract more people who could help you than this little back water.

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