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Dresda 13 Jan 2008 19:36

06 Thruxton flasher unit help
Hi, I have just bought an 06 Thruxton that has been modified, air box removed, K&N’s etc, and the indicators were also removed. I have bought new set of short led indicators and installed them but they don’t work, so looked behind the left side panel for the flasher unit and it doesn’t seem to be there. The last owner had removed the air box and taped up some wires so I started digging and found a square flat plug with a metal clip with 2 wires from it, green&red, Yellow&red, and I can’t find this in my wiring diagram.
The operators manual shows and calls it a flasher relay, but the wiring diagram doesn’t mention flasher relay anywhere, only Direction indicator unit that has 3 wires from it, orange&green, Black, Light green&brown.
Any help would be appreciated.

trophymick 14 Jan 2008 08:37

You may have more luck here

Twin Talk - TriumphRat.Net

Also if you have fitted LED's, you will need a special flasher unit.



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