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stovepipe 4 Nov 2012 01:16

Want to share container los angeles - valparaiso chile - december
Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for folks who want to join a container shipping south. Here is the note I received from the fellow who is organizing the whole thing, Gastonia. So far he has been super helpful. Come join us, it will bring the costs down.


Please join our cargo group heading to Chile between Dec 18-26 and we are looking for other people who want to share (and lower) the freight costs from LA, California to Valparaiso, Chile. The planned arrival date in Chile is January 12, 2013 or so. the bikes need to arrive in LA for loading in approx. the second week of December.

currently, there are 2 of us on this shipment. if you are interested in sharing the container with us, PM me, contact Gaston E., All the costs, details, and logistics are at that this link SAMERICAXPLORER - OCEAN AIR SHIPPING Opportunities & references for S.America - ADVrider

He takes care of everything. services & fees at orifgen and destination. pricing for the people currently involved is 1,820.00 USD each, but would go down as more riders join a container.

Gaston Etchart
Export/Import Adventure Logistics

jimosse 9 Nov 2012 05:53

So i learned my bike will arrive in seattle/tacoma Dec 16. I cant make a LA container close until 7 to 10 days later, counting customs clearance, state registration, bike refit with jesse bag mounts, etc.

Gaston mentions 2nd week of december in LA. Stovepipe, what is the latest plan regarding departure dates, and how flexible are you?

Are we still just two bikes?


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