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Dave 10 Jul 2000 00:30

UK to Buenos Aires and back from Equador?
Does anyone know of a reliable air freight company who could fly a bike from UK to B.A. and back from Equador? Any ideas how much it would cost? I am still at the 'pub discussion' stages and I am open to suggestions on routes etc?

frederic 10 Jul 2000 15:07

I plan to send a motobike from Belgium (Antwerpen) to Buenos aires by sea in November.

The information and the cost for the moment are following :
Duration : +/- 18 days
Frequence : every week
cost : +/- 500 € (euro)

Dave 17 Jul 2000 03:51

Just to reply to my own question in case anyone else wants to know, I've done some digging around a Gibbons Freight sail from Tilbury Docks in Essex, or Southampton, on alternate weeks. Cost of shipping is approx. £200 - £250 depending on actual dimensions of bike as it is not crated up for the journey. Has anyone ever used this company? Please let me know.

peter theuwissen 22 Jul 2000 12:44

Hi there,
If going to Buenos Aires, I would always recommend to FLY the bike. It will cost you around $3 kilo. Expensive?? But -1- you dont need to buy Carnet, on the airport they dont ask, -2- it is much quiker of course and no crating etc -3- most important: no hassle and lots extra cost+time in B.A. harbour....
Have a great trip!
P.S. A country like Chile you can take your bike by ship.

Werner Zwick 29 Jul 2000 16:58


I flew my bike from Cologne/germany to Buenos aires lasr december. It cost 3 Euro per Kilo, my Transalp (Frontire, Mirror, Windshield, boxes detached) cost 800 Euro. The first question of the customs in Buenos Aires Airport was Carnet de Passages Por Favor. Other biker we met had the same experience.
But the airport is otherwise recommendable, it was fast, friendly and efficient. We paid 70$ handling fees per bike, nothing else. But be careful, the charge hefty parking fees, if you do not pick up the bike within 24 hours after arrival.


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