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Dirk Taalman 12 May 2005 03:18

Two bikes in one crate customs problem?
We are trying to ship two bikes from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

We would like to put the bikes in one crate, to save paying the handling charges twice.

The shipping agent here tells me it is not possible to put two bikes in one crate, because the customs will not clear the bikes when they are in one box. He tells me that we need to ship the bikes in seperate crates, thus paying twice for the handling, stuffing etc.

One of the bikes is registered in Germany and the other bike is registered in the Netherlands. Shipping agent is Hellmann Worldwide Logisitics.

Has anyone heard of this before? Lot's of people ship bikes together without problems, so maybe somebody has some suggestions on how to handle this.


Sian Mackenzie 14 May 2005 18:03

Hi Dirk,

We shipped with Hellmanns from BA to Melbourne.

2 bikes, one crate, no problemo!!

You need to ensure that both bikes are entered onto the Bill of Lading, otherwise there could well be hassles with customs at both ends.

Good luck!


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