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Farmers_Revolt 29 Jul 2012 22:16

To Russia by ship
Hello and Greetings! I just signed up for your site as I have found it very helpful and informative in reading others posts, though I am not actually planning on Cycling myself. I am going to be trying to Hike, Hitch, and Hop as is my m/o in the states.

I am writing to ask questions about Shipping. I am wanting to go to the Russian East by boat (and in this instance I intend on paying for my fair... sneaking through US ports is a good way to get DHS on your ass, and something tell me sneaking through a Cargo port is not the way to start off on good terms in anothers country)

I have just written FESCO about they're North American FPL/FPLR inquiring about booking a berth. Does anyone know of any other shippers incase this does not work out? Anyone have any experience traveling by Ship? If the company says 'no' would it be worth hanging around the Port and seeing who I can bribe? I live near Everett, which is where the North American end of their line seems to be.

Any Information is helpful, and I'm not planning on travel until next spring.

bushman_uk 30 Jul 2012 17:17

Try giving Bob Erion a ring or email him for advice berion.exo@radiantdelivers.com phone +1 425 943 4542 . He is based in Seattle and helped us ship our bikes out to Vladivostok, not sure if he can help with what you want , but maybe worth a chance.

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