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Beemer76 13 Dec 2011 13:49

Tips Vladivostok to Bangkok + customsclearing in BKK
I post this in the shipping-databank already, but the form was to small for all the information...
Shipping Vladivostok Bangkok
Arrived in Vladivostok I tryed to find a cheaper soloution than renting a whole 20'container for only one motorbike (with Sidecar).

It turned out, that airfright was not possible (no reaction on emails at all, and someone told me, that the airlines refuse to fly motorbikes)
I asked Yuri Melnikov, the well known shipping agent, if he can organise the shipping of a box, but he said it will be almost the same price like to rent a container and more work for me (and him as well).

In the end I agreed with Yuri to ship with a 20'container to Bangkok. The same afternoon he came to the Iron Tigers MC where I stayed, and copied some Documents. The next day he pick me up and we drive to the customs in the Port. Yust to show my face and documents in original. In the evening he guarded me and my motorcycle to a container storage outside the port (ceaper). There I drive into the container. Straps and everyting was already there. Two days later Yuri finisched the customs clearance, and I was ready to leave the country.
I payed Yuri 2400$ (US), witch includes all the costs in Vladivostok and the ocean freight.

I loaded the container 28.Sept.. The ship left Vladivostok at 9.Okt..And after 2 times unloading and loading to other vessels the container arrived at he 6.Nov. in Bangkok. I picked up the Bike at the 11. Nov.
The shipping Company was CMA CGM (www.cma-cgm.com). They have online tracking witch works verry good but is sometimes up to two days to late.

In Bangkok I did the clearance on my own without a agent.
About the process:
1. Go to the CMA CGM City-Office it is in the Q.House Lumpini 14st floor to pay for the handling in Bangkok (6100 Baht). You will get some dokuments for the port. GPS: N 13°43,557 E 100°32.628

2. Go to the CMA CGM Office in the Klong Toey Port. Mr. Duangeau take care of me and intodruced me to a Mototaxi-Driver, who drived with me to the custom buildings and helped me during the whole process. I payed him 400 Baht (10€), but that shortens the time a lot because I do not have to search around for offices and transport. GPS: N 13°42,184 E 100°34.754
3. The driver takes me to the Customs outside the Port, where I visit Mrs Lawan (Tower No. 8 3rd floor) and had to fill out some forms and get the temp. import document for the bike. GPS: N 13°42,744 E 100°33.866
4. Over the street in an other custom building I had to pay around 330 Baht for whatever.
5. The driver takes me to the warehouse, where he showed some documents in the warehouseoffice. I payed 100 Baht "Tips" for the chief, and was ready to start the engine (with 3 people pushing the bike in 3rd gear over the pier)

6. I followed the driver to the habour gate, where he asked for additional 100 Baht and handed over the documents to the gatestaff. I think the money goes in his own pocket, but I was happy to made the whole process in the port only in 3 houers.
I think it is possible to go to Customs first and then to the CMA CGM Port office, because You do not get any documents in the office. It is more showing your face. The only think you must ask it the number of the Warehouse. On the other hand, the driver was verry helpfull.
The total costs (incl. tips) in Bangkok was around 250$

I have to say thankyou to Yuri Melnikov for the great service. To Holger Homan who did the first clearance in Bangkok himself and whrite some tips, and Bea and Helle www.timetoride.de for the GPS-Points.

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