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thoy 13 Oct 2011 07:57

temporary import/export form Thailand

Can any body tell us how to get a temporary import export form for our bikes?? We want to fly from Nepal to Thailand.
The Carnet is not legal in Thailand and you have to have this form to get the bikes cleared in Thailand recording to thai costums. The problem is that we cant find this form and it is not clear if we can get it at arrival, it only says that you have to have a tourist TR visa to get it temp. imported/exported.

We also are wondering if we can cross to Laos with the bikes...again a lot of different stories about getting in...
Can we get in en out of a country with the same visa during the max. period of stay on the visa?

Hoop that somebody can help us.

Roy and Thoy

gypsyprincess 13 Oct 2011 16:36

You get it on arrival! We just did it from the border of Malyasia and had no problems. The only silly part is that you only get one month temporary import (telling them that your visa is good for 2 months does not really help. They just smile and say come back, or go to another border and get new paper.) Apparently you can do it at the Bangkok airport, or if you have multiple entry then you can renew when you come back in.

If the bike is yours and in your name you should have no problems with Laos. If you have a borrowed bike it may be another story depending on who the guys on duty are that day.

CeeGH 21 Oct 2011 20:15


When you get to Bangkok airport cargo and go through the procedure for temporary import, they will give you the document. When you leave Thailand, you should surrender this paper at the border, and whilst I did, I met another who hadn't even been asked for it.
Bangkok airport has a simple and effective temp import system and easier than some of the land border crossings eg Latvia Russia.

Good travels


Biggus 22 Oct 2011 00:57

Is insurance available at the airport?

My bike is scheduled to arrive by the 31st. Hope the flood does not reach the airport!

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