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neils 25 Jan 2007 03:29

Sydney Bike Shop
Hi Dudes,

I recieve my Yamaha XT soon in Sydney. Before I left Malaysia there was a weird noise coming from inside the engine.

So do you know a good bike shop in Sydney for looking at the bike, maybe its nothing serious? I dont wnat to go to Yamaha Australia as they always want to tell you, you need a complete new gearbox or whatever...

Thanks for your help,


globalkoster 3 Feb 2007 21:54

Action MC in sydney
Hi Nils,

check out Action Motorcycles in Sydney.
I bought a XTZ 660 af few years ago. They're well know in Australia.
Good service, nice guys.
Worth a trip down town.
74 Wentworth Avenue
Between Oxford Street and Central Stati
NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9212 1122

good luck!

neils 4 Feb 2007 04:38

OK, cool. I'll visit them next week, :scooter:

Thanks, nils

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