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thoy 13 Nov 2011 12:22

Shipping your bike from Nepal
Hello Our Name is Roy & Lathoya

We are on a round the world trip on two Honda's and have had a lot of experience with shipping companies on our trip , but so far none has been as good to us as Sun Nepal Traders & Exports in Kathmandu.
The familiar atmosphere ,professional work ethic and years of motor shipping experience lets you know that you are in the right place.
Finaly a company that looks after your budget and needs.
Even after my crash in Nepal , the family was very helpful, they helped us with everything from , mechanical help , food and drinks and a sleeping place for the night.

Ask For Saraswati Duwadi
E-mail: eagleandsunnepal@gmail.com
Tel: 977-1-4701022

Location Thamel Kathmandu next to the Kathmandu guesthouse

Dries vl 6 Feb 2012 08:13

Ouwer friend from EagleExport helpt us very good, with getting ouwer bikes in to Bangkok from Nepal...

Everything was fast and good..
And we had a great time...

Thanks a lott Suraj and Sara Dhakal


Brian and Tanja 6 Feb 2012 09:45

Beware of eagle exports
We have just shipped our bikes using Eagle Exports and are very unhappy (and many other bikers too we found out afterwards). The service is okay, but the owner Suraj tries to cheat you by asking way too much money, over estimating the weight of your bike and by not giving a breakdown of his costs. We are just now preparing a long thread setting out all the real costs involved, and foremost want to recommend people to shop around before committing to anything with anyone.

We hope to be able to post our message later today.

Brian and Tanja 6 Feb 2012 15:41

To avoid cross-posting
We have put full details of our experience with Eagle Exports (same company as Sun Nepal Trading) in the Regional forum for South East Asia. The link is:


Outlaw 7 Feb 2012 15:49

Bike Shipping from Nepal
My name is Trevor and my wife and I used Eagle exports to ship our bike to Bangkok last year and we found them to be excellent. Suraj and Saru have become good friends and we hope to see them again on our next trip to Nepal.
I would not hesitate recommending them to any one wanting to ship a bike out of Katmandu.
For full details on our trip and all our shipping info check out our blog


Brian and Tanja 8 Feb 2012 13:12

Suraj may be nice, but he's not honest
Outlaw I had a look at your blog, and if your figures are correct then there's at least 10,000 rupees you paid to Suraj that you didn't know about. The actual cost of shipping 500kg with Thai Cargo is 54,825 rupees. According to your blog you were told it was 64,825. I'm a little surprised as Suraj normally adds 20,000 rupees per bike to your bill secretly, although in your case it appears he may only haved added 10,000. On top of that 10,000 he then charged you another $275 (19,175 rupees).

Other shipping agents in Kathmandu do not operate this way, their pricing is not dishonest. That was our problem with Suraj.

I'm not sure if you booked your airfares with Suraj as well, but if you did you probably paid $250 each. The actual cost of that airfare to Suraj is around $170-180.

If you booked both your airfares with him as well he made about $150 on those. He then snuck at least another $135 onto your cargo bill, and added another $275 for his fees. It's a lot, particularly compared to what others charge.

That said, if he was honest with his pricing then his service would be great. But I don't appreciate someone trying to cheat me.

crazymanneil 8 Feb 2012 22:22

Hi, not sure if I should post our reply here or in the other thread :innocent:

We were headed to Oz last year and chose Eagle Exports to ship to Bangkok based on reputation and emails between us. Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short due to health issues. We did not shop around the many companies in Thamel since we were dealing with hospital appointments and travel insurance. Suraj was very friendly, understanding and knowledgeable throughout. We were glad to have this assistance with everything else we had going on at the time.

Fees for 2 bikes from Kathmandu to London Heathrow (GBP) -
Thai Air Waybill (inc Dangerous goods, freight, HDL etc) £1711
Total paid to agent: £1891.76

HDL on the AWB was 35000 NRS = £297.50

If the info on the other thread is correct then complete fee paid to Eagle Exports for crating and commission was £478.26 though I thought the HDL fee was airline handling fees. We were charged £197.91 for handling at Heathrow.


Brian and Tanja 9 Feb 2012 04:03

The mysterious handling charge fee
If Outlaw's figures are correct, his "handling charge" was 10,000 rupees for one bike. Then it was 35,000 rupees for two bikes on Neil's bill. By the time we came to him it was 20,000 per bike on ours. Our actual Thai Cargo shipping charge was 54,625. Our 'Eagle exports handling charge' was 40,000; almost as much as the Thai Cargo bill!! And then he tries to add more on top of that by pretending the handling charge is not his fees.

We know of another biker who asked him straight out if the handling charge was a Thai Cargo charge or something that went to him, and he lied and said it was a Thai Cargo charge. However, when I challenged him on it and showed him the email from Thai Cargo that didn't mention a handling charge he admitted it was a charge he puts on the bill.

Up to others who they want to ship with or recommend, but we feel you ought to know what you're paying, why you're paying it and who it's going to.

Crappybiker 11 Feb 2012 13:56

Service ok - shame about the honesty

First off I can confirm Brian's information is correct and I also have a copy of the Thai airways bill which has the extra 20,000 added to it, I air freighted my bike about two weeks ago with Eagle exports, he was suppose to do a deal with two other bikers I had sent to him about a month earlier, that never happened which is no big deal, the problem is I have is when someone lies to my face, the invoice from Thai Airlines looks suspect and it’s been typed on an old type writer? Even though I am in Nepal I don’t think Thai Airlines is that backward? I had my suspicions and directly confronted Suraj about the 20,000 on the invoice, he told me its a Thai airways charge, I told him if I find out he has screwed me I will post on Horizons, I have even emailed him to give him the opportunity to respond before posting anything here...he never replied! I was in a hurry and because a few before me had shipped I assumed it was ok, Suraj is a friendly guy (a bit over the top to be honest) like a used car salesman! Plied with lots of free drinks....I know when someone is lining me up! Suraj had told me by email before I arrived he would show me exactly what he makes on shipments etc etc, I knew something was up when I mentioned I wanted to fly Thai Airlines, he really pushed me to go Nepal airlines which of course he gets a special deal with....I knew then he was making money on that...which by me is ok as we all have to make a living, but when he lies and is intentionally deceitful then that annoys me, he would have been better off not thinking he smarter than everyone else and just been honest and saying I make this much $....by the way I paid $850 for a 326kg bike and my air ticket was $250!

As I know you follow these posts Suraj I am very disappointed in the way you conducted yourself, yes you may get away with a few unsuspecting bikers but it all catches you up in the end...and you cannot say I didn't warn you, the english couple warned me about you and your pricing, shame it turned out to be true!

Thierry 10 Mar 2012 07:02

Eagle Export, Kathmandu
Good day everyone

I also shipped my bike from Kathmandu to Bangkok with Suraj (Eagle Export) last october. I don't want to go into the details about the costs, you all seem to be correct (I chcked my airwaybill, it's about the same) but I want to mention, that the service with Suraj and Saru was EXCELLENT, smooth and reliable. They did even much more for me as I ever could expect. I rather like to pay a little bit more to someone who is VERY friendly to me, helps me with things which have nothing to do with the bike shipment and finally even become a friend to me. Ok, maybe I stayed longer in Kathmandu than others and had more time to know them better than others could...

Summarized it is to be said that you get an excellent, fast and reliable service with Eagle Export and that you are served very friendly with the typical nepaly hospitality. Maybe (not sure!) you pay a bit more than at other places, but for me it is worth the price for what you get in return.
I'm travelling around the world since 4 years and since Mexico-City and had to deal with several forwarders so far and believe me or not, NO ONE was as friendly and reliable as Eagle Export was!

And something more: I'm sure Suraj learned his lesson thanks to this discussion and will be more transparent in the future!

Cheers to you all and have a safe trip


Luke2481 24 Mar 2012 23:08


Walkabout 24 Mar 2012 23:34

And here's another one on this subject, from years ago!
What a shame it is that such information becomes difficult to find; in this case, it would make a valuable sticky thread within here.

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