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trui_gaea 31 Jan 2007 09:59

shipping two DR650's europe -> mongolia

We're looking for a reasonable and affordable way to ship two bikes to mongolia (starting form any point in europe/moscow). I know that riding there would be the easiest and nicest way by far, but we want to get there by summer and can't leave before june, so shipping the bikes and ride back home is our best option... we would like to the transsiberian in Moscou and rejoin our bikes in Ulaanbator.

How complicated would it be to get the bikes in a train in Moscow? Could it be arranged in advance (through a reliable agency) so that we would'nt get stuck there for ?*? days/weeks trying to get the paperwork done? Can the bikes accompany us (uncrated) on the transsiberian or do they have to go on a freight train? And how hard is it to get hold of the bikes again once your in mongolia? Or is it easier to try and ship them to say Bishkek, Tashkent of Irkutsk? And... what would it cost?

Option two: air freight. Same questions here: i presume getting the bikes crated and on a flight in brussels wouldn't be so hard, but how hard would it be to get them through customs in mongolia (i always heard airports are easier?) and what would it cost (roughly)? (no idea about the crate size, but we're talking about two Dr's, mirrors & if need be wheels taken off...).


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