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Kaamos 1 Dec 2006 12:19

shipping to Alaska/Canada
Hi, Hi !

Has anyone of you experiences by shipping a bike to Alaska/Canada (from Germany)? It´s not easy to find informations in the web. I would be very happy if anyone could tell me about prices, times, destinations, adresses and so on....


amcwillie 1 Dec 2006 14:34

Shipping from Germany
Howdy---You just need to contact Stefan at :


His small company in Heidelberg does this kind of thing all the time.

Good luck

Baikal 1 Dec 2006 17:37

shipping a bike
we shipped our bikes from the States to Germany with Interfracht from Bremen. This company helped us very well without any problems! Maybe they can help you shipping your bike to Canada/ Alaska.

Tel.:0049/421-871 50-0

good luck and greets
alex and carsten

Land Sailor 1 Dec 2006 18:13

If I were doing that trip!
If I were doing a trip to Alaska and Canada I would consider shipping into Vancouver, B.C. or Seattle and then taking the Alaska State Ferry up to Skagway. By doing this you will get to see the beautiful Inside Passage. From Skagway you can ride North to the interior of Alaska and back through Canada. You will get to see a lot more of Alaska and Canada and will appreciate the marine life along the way. You will largely miss this if you ride North from the interior.

I have done that trip several times three times by sailboat, once via sea kayak and many times on the Alaska state ferry. On the ferry you can sleep under the solarium in your sleeping bag and either bring your own food or eat in the onboard restaurant. You can get off the ferry in each town to explore somthing I would recommend at least in Juneau to see the Mendahall Glacier.

Good luck,

Ekke 1 Dec 2006 19:24

Air Canada Cargo
We flew our bikes from Calgary to Frankfurt using Air Canada Cargo (and back again from London, England). It was very easy to do. We simply dropped the bikes off at the cargo terminal a couple of days before the flight, making sure that the gas tank was almost empty and then disconnected the batteries.

Calgary is a good starting/ending point as you could ride up the Alaska Highway and then take the ferry back down to Prince Rupert before riding through interior BC back to Calgary.

ArcticHarleyMan 2 Dec 2006 09:22

We've done both trips mentioned above. We live in the Yukon, so have ridden the highway numerous times. The road from Watson Lake to Meziadin, Steward-Cassiar highway, is a nice trip, but can be slippery/muddy at times as it's not all chipseal. I would suggest doing it during the drier months around June/July, then back down the Alaska Highway to Calgary if you ride up and back. Take the Inside Passage if going by ferry either Northbound or Southbound, and choose between Stewart Cassiar hwy, or Alaska highway on the other leg of the trip. Stewart-Cassiar is pretty scenic, but then too is the Alaska Highway.
E-mail me when you decide to go through the Yukon. We live on the border of the Kluane National Park & Reserve in Haines Junction,Southwest Yukon. It is . one of the most scenic spots in the Yukon. Another great ride is the Haines Highway, connecting Haines Junction to Haines Alaska. The road goes through Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska within about a 3-4 hour liesurely ride, excellent scenery, mountains, glaciers, Bald Eagles, moose, grizzley bears, lakes, mountains, Alpine Sub-Arctic to boreal forests. Big recommendation to take a day out of your busy schedule. If you overnight in Haines Junction and leave about 6AM, you can go to Haines and back by early evening. The best time to travel is early morning, 5-8AM for Grizzley Bears and evening for moose & bears about 5-9PM for wildlife sitings. Excellent photographic opportunities.

Kaamos 6 Dec 2006 01:32

thanks a lot for your answers! I will have a look at the written websites and hope to get some informations.

greetz, kaamos!

IanC 14 Dec 2006 04:07

Try Roddy or Stephen at www.jamescargo.com. Although based at London Heathrow, they're really trying at present to expand the market in motorcycle shipping, and I don't think restrict themselves to London UK.

They shipped mine London to Anchorage in September, hassle-free (and cheapest). They're a small firm, nice guys. Roddy the manager rides an RT.

They also have a livestock division, and ship things such as hippopotamus, so a GS or similar should be easy!

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