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Alex 2 Dec 2001 18:06

Shipping - Sydney-Santiago/SA?
Bugger Me!

It seems that unless you're travelling to/from USA or Europe, no-one wants your cargo business!

Anyone got any points-of-contact for transporting bike from Sydney (Aust) to Chile/S America (and eventually back again)?

(QANTAS doesn't seem to want my business either!)

I'm seriously considering buying/selling a bike in Chile/SA instead.


Susan Johnson 3 Dec 2001 01:56

Hi Alex

Erin & Chris Ratay recently shipped from NZ to Buenos Aires with United Airlines, but they do advise that there are fewer cheap options for Aus/NZ to South America than before.

The company they dealt with, AFS Freight Management, is also in Australia.

AFS Freight Management (2000) Pty Ltd
Air Cargo Services
Unit 1,1801 Botany Rd
Botany NSW 2019
Ph: (02) 9316 8923

Another possibility which may be of interest, depending on your departure date, is the following HUBB post on 17 November:

Matt Kolbinsky has a US registered R1100GS 1995 for sale in BA, Argentina at Christmas, 2001. Alternatively riding the bike back to USA from BA for him. Terms negotiable.

There may be a number of motorcyclists in southern Chile or Argentina around Christmas 2001 whose next destination is Australia. Either a bike swap or sale might save expensive freight costs for both parties. Try posting in the Bike Swap! or Travel Bikes for Sale/Wanted.

Chris and Erin also recommend www.bikeshareworld.com for bike swaps, and have done some themselves through these guys.

As always, please let us know how you do.

Good luck and safe travels!

Susan Johnson
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