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josecito312 11 May 2007 20:02

Shipping Panama-Colombia June 07
I am Jose from Germany and I am travelling now with my 4x4 car heading south to Argentina. Right now i am in Panama-City and we are looking for some options to ship the car a bit cheaper to Colombia.

We can use a 20-feet-container and its possible that we have some space for one bike more in the container.

We can use a 40-feet container, wich is much cheaper in relation for his size. In this will fit my car and maybe 6-8 bikes. The 40-feet container will cost with all the fees apr. 1400 US $. I would pay the half and for 700 $ you can ship up to 8 bikes.

We like to leave the next 3-4 weeks.

My girlfriend is from Mexico and she will do all the paperwork. So I aspect less problems with all these sh...


lorraine 12 May 2007 09:16

I'm currently in San Jose, CR and will head to Panama City within a week. I'm in a van, which I was told would fill half of a 40 foot container. I was given a quote a little bit higher than you with Barwil Agencies. If we could both fit I'd be interested in sharing, though I might want to leave earlier than you.
PS Email address on website or send email here.

kaiserkyhl 7 Aug 2008 16:10

After riding from Chile all the way up to Oregon and across to Miami, I'm now back in Cali, Colombia with my bike and Colombian my soon to become wife Diana and we're expecting a baby in December.

1st of August 2008 we started a super nice hostel in the good and secure part of Cali.

If you head this way its cheap, quiet and safe and we┬┤ll help you in any way we can.

We have airport pick-up and since I have flown my bike in and out of Cali, I can help with all the legal matters of arriving or leaving Colombia.

Casa Blanca Hostel, Avenida 6 bis, Calle 26n, #57, Santa Monica Residencial, Cali, Colombia. Tel. (+57) (092) 396 38 46 Fax. (+57) (092) 668 99 86 or mail me at mikkel@mfthomsen.dk
GPS koordinates: N 03.46925 W 076.52967

Check my travel video diary at YouTube - kaiserkyhl's Channel

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