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Wheelie 1 Mar 2006 22:40

Shipping: Norway to South Africa
We want to ship our scooters out of Oslo, Norway to South Africa, preferably to Cape Town. Some questions to you oracles:

1) By air, how much time should we expect to spend getting our bikes to South Africa?

2) Once in South Africa, how much time should we expect to use to get them released?

3) Which are the easiest cities in South Africa to ship to?

4) We would prefer to ship by air. Which airlines ship motorcycles out of Norway (or other scandinavian countries) to South Africa?

4) Ship?

5) Any recomended agents?

6) Ballpark, how much should we expect to pay?

7) Will we need crates? If so, where or how can we have them made (I am a useless carpenter)?

frnas 6 Mar 2006 18:07

When i was shipping my bike to South America shipping by air was over tre times as expensive as sea. And i found it a relief to get the bike sent off some time in advance. Some people make a lot off effort packing as small as possible, but bye sea the price pr m2 was so small that the convinience of being able to just wheel the bike out and drive away is worthwhile i think.

In some countries you need a proof tha a wooden crate is treated (expensive hasle). I vent to motorcycle dealers and 3 of 3 was positive to give me a crate or cardboard and straps. No problem. Just fint a crate that is big enough/small enough.


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