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JYP_ 15 Dec 2009 16:57

Shipping Mumbai to Europe
My journey ends and I am looking here, in Mumbay for a shipping agent to ship my Vespa to Le Havre, France.

I would be greetly interested by any recommandation to an effective and trustworthy shipping agent in Mumbay !



apapadop 15 Feb 2010 11:05

So what happened in the end? I'm stuck in the same situation and haven't managed to locate anyone half-decent...

Contact details & personal experience much appreciated!


JYP_ 17 Feb 2010 12:31

Well, I wouldn't recommend you to ship from Mumbai. For me it was a difficult and expensive experience.

I've spent a while looking for an agent and negociating a decent price.Price are expensive because detaxing cost a lot in bribe, to make it short.

I've finally chosen EMU Lines which has office in Fort Area in Penin Nariman St near the fountain at the south of the road.

You can contact Amit Amin who was my agent. amit.amin(at)emulines.biz

Crating the bike in JNPT harbour is a long process has the harbour is 70 km from the town and difficult to reach.

It cost me 20,531 rps in India and 320 € in France.

I wish you best of luck !


apapadop 24 Mar 2010 18:46

Thanks Jean-Yves,

For posterity, I went with Eastern Cargo Carriers in Mumbai after 20 days of trying to find someone decent to do the job.

I paid 2,130 EUR (yes, that is EUROs) to have the bike crated (without straps of course, they just used wood to stabilise the wheels and the center stand despite having agreed they would use straps), the crate disinfected, taken through customs and AIR-freighted to Greece with Emirates.

They didn't want me to take the front wheel off the bike, as they insisted this would make no significant difference in the calculation of the total cost, which I still believe to be rubbish but after 20 days of fighting with this in Mumbai I just had to get out of there...

If you'd like an expensive alternative that does get the job done efficiently for Indian standards, get in touch with Henrika d'Souza hdsouza@easterncargo.co.in


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