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luno 2 Oct 2001 01:58

Shipping motorbikes from Belgium to Chile
We, three belgian BMW R1150GS drivers, are planning a trip to Chile, Patagonia at the end of the year. We are currently gathering information on how to ship our bikes. Does any of you have any experience to share with us? What would be the cheapest/best/safest way to do this? Boat or air? Does anyone have any contacts? Really appreciate all advise. Thanks in advance.

Grant Johnson 2 Oct 2001 04:01

No current info on shipping from Belgium to Chile.

However we definitely recommend by air, not sea, as it is very erratic and problematic, and often not much, if any, cheaper. For three bikes you may be able to ship by sea in a container and save money, but it is difficult. Best is to make 3 crates for the bikes, packing them as small as you possibly can, and taking as much as you can (for free) on the plane as your luggage to keep the shipped weight down.

Read the shipping page at http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tri...shipping.shtml for hints and tips and why's.

Grant Johnson

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