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JMo (& piglet) 16 Nov 2007 22:12

shipping Las Vegas to UK - HELP!
Hi everyone - well, I'm have a real blast here in western USA on my XR650R (bought and registered here).

However, the time has come to think about shipping it home to the UK - Ideally I want to get it on as cargo on the same flight as I am on (Virgin Atlantic) on 27th December, however, having spoken to an agent here, they say because of general paranoia, sorry, I mean 'increased security measures post 911' etc etc. that it is unlikely I will be able to have it on the same plane as cargo (there is only one a day anyway!) unless I am a known (to the US authorities) shipper... ???

I thought that is why I was using an 'agent' surely?, but there you go...

So - does anyone know a) a way around this that isn't going to upset the authorities or b) how I might get the bike back from Vegas (I really don't want to have to take it back to LA) to the UK - ideally Gatwick, as close as possible to Christmas?

I did think about having it shipped in a different name (ahem), or the agent suggested I try and get it on as 'excess baggage' - but 200Kgs really is pushing it isn't it? And if I can take it as excess baggage on the same plane, then why can't I take it as cargo?! - dontcha love America...

I haven't contacted the airline directly yet, as if I do ship it under a friend/US resident's name, then I don't what them getting all fussy about it...

All help/suggestions, gratefully received...

JennyMo xxx

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