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Gipper 17 Mar 2005 02:59

Shipping Land Rover 90 - Uk to South America
Anyone have any good/reliable/reasonably priced reccomendations for shipping a Defender 90 to South America and back again - after my money runs out !!!

surfarirtw 2 Oct 2005 04:37

Hi Griff, its Malcolm and Rhona, we havenĀ“t any advice but are waiting for our car to arive in Chile, would love to hear from you, we never got your e-mail address! We spent two weeks with Aaron and Steph in New Zealand in September!


Gipper 12 Apr 2006 22:15

Hi There !
Hi Guys ! - Sorry havent looked at this thread for a while and missed your post - Oops !!!
So where are you both at now ? are you still in SA or headed home ?
Drop me a line sometime and let me and Lisa know how things are going and wht youve been up to - by the way Lisa and I are Engaged now !! Yikes - as long as she doesnt make me sell the KTM.....!!!

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