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ozhanu 13 Mar 2006 06:11

Shipping in Middle East
Just to inform you that I got a reply from Royal Jordanian Airlines to shipping the bikes from Bahrain to Jordan.
Contact with Mr. Mohammed Karimi
bahkzrj [at] rja.com.jo for any enquiries.

The e-mail is as follows:

Reference the enquiry to forward the Motor cycles to Amman Airport, we are pleased to submit our
best rates as follows. We will have to make a wooden box for the container and estimate a gross
weight of 250 kg and chargeable weight of 350 kg as per the size. The quote has been worked out
on this basis. All formalities with the Traffic Directorate has to be done by the customer prior to the
departure of the vehicles.

Rates applicable for each bike
Airfreight charges @ BD 0.680 x 350 kg BD 238.000
BAS & relevant charges BD 56.475
Dangerous goods regulation charges BD 45.000
Agency charges BD 15.000
Packing charges BD 50.000


Thanks and regards.


ozhan u.
'97 F650

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