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MissAdventure 23 Nov 2010 12:28

Shipping from Vietnam
Has anyone shipped their bike from Vietnam to the UK?

duyvn 1 Dec 2010 17:13

what kind of motorcycle missadventure ? i'm vietnamese, I can explain for you.

MissAdventure 5 Dec 2010 11:03

A Vespa PX 200 E :scooter:

KTMmartin 5 Dec 2010 23:47

I used Crown Relocation out of Hanoi for a Minsk to the UK.

MissAdventure 9 Dec 2010 12:38

How much did it cost and did you have to crate it yourself?

zetoune 20 Sep 2011 09:28

Shipping bike from Vietnam - need help
I am currently in Vietnam with a big BMW GS that I rode all the way from London. I am looking for a way to send it back home. Did you finally found any way to get it there and how much did it costed you? If you could bring any help that would be really appreciated

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