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jim'n'lisa 17 Apr 2006 09:55

Shipping from NZ to Europe?
Does anyone have any up to date info on shipping from NZ to the UK or elsewhere in Europe? We've checked out the shipping pages and the existing threads on this topic but we can't find too much about this route.

We know from the site that Oz to UK is cheap and easy enough. We'd like to take the bike to NZ but we don't want it to cost us an arm and a leg to get it home afterwards.


Jim and Lisa

andy c 18 Apr 2006 23:05

shipping bikes from NZ to UK- its cheap!
Hi, have just sent 2 bikes to London from Invercargill NZ.

We are off to IOM then europe for 3 months or so...

sent a ZX10 and ZZR1100. Used old bike crate donated from a bike shop for one bike, and a premade crate for another. Bikes were heavy- approx 260kg each bike, inc crate. Cost, door to door was $1800 total.
We used Jonathon at n.j.Crisp LTD.

He did all the paperwork, we just told him where to pick up crates from, and where we wanted them sent to in London...ph 0064 o3 2144359.. drop the o if calling from outside NZ.

awesome service!

Old bike crate was made taller by using 20mm x 3mm flat steel, so we could keep front wheel on bike and just roll into crate and out again. Then used existing"roof" and bolted it all together. Also put more steel on sides to triangulate the box, for a bit more rigidity. It took a day or two playing around to get it all sorted ok. Then just wrapped it in clear plastic!

cheers, andy c

Frank Warner 19 Apr 2006 01:25


Originally Posted by andy c
Hi, have just sent 2 bikes to London from Invercargill NZ.
Cost, door to door was $1800 total.

That would be sea freight then.

Please let us (me at least) know how it goes - both transport and the Isle of Man TT. Looking at the Isle of Man TT 2007 myself.

Also how you go with shipping the bikes back.

andy c 21 Apr 2006 10:28

freighting bikes
hi. Have sent bikes to Japan, and have colleagues sent bikes to Italy using the same methods recently, with no probs. Its quite likely we will sell one or both bikes there. IOM- went 2 years ago- its great. Go before its outlawed! Its just simply crazy. I love racing have done a little club racing, , so get off on that, plus will do Mad Sunday again also. Gives a whole new appreciation of what racers do! Keep smiling!

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