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albert wildgen 1 Jan 2007 04:53

Shipping from Europe to Malaysia
We shipped our MAN truck RORO from Zebrugge (Belgium) to Port Klang (Malaysia) using

NYK LINE (Benelux) BV, Antwerp Branch
Tel + 32 3 202 6 100
Fax + 32 3 225 0 999

In Port Klang we used
NYK Line Malaysia
Person in charge: Mrs Kwan Yoke Fong
Tel 03- 56286660
Fax 03-56387731
E-mail: kwan_yoke_fong@sg.nykline.com

Excellent service

Eriks 17 Jan 2007 03:28

Norway - Port Klang
Thrashed my old bike in Thailand and just got a new one shipped from Norway. Now, my wish was to send it to Bangkok, but then the bike would be subject to heavy import duties because - when arriving by sea - the bike is defined as "cargo" (this in comparison to the flight of the old bike from Kathmandu to Bangkok where is was defined as "hand luggage"). Weird.
Anyway, I used Scandinavian Transport System in Lillestrom/Oslo, and Clasquin in Malaysia. The new bike arrived at Port Klang. Excellent service at both ends.

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