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sebch 18 Oct 2002 21:40

shipping from East Africa to Iran
I'm considering changing my planned route from Switzerland to Capetown & instead drive back from East Africa through Iran & Central Asia. There is some water in between, though...
Does anyone kwow about shipping a 2WD from Sudan/Kenya/Djibouti to Iran? Are there ferries or only container shipping? If not possible I could try crossing the Red Sea to SA & take a boat through the Presian Gulf. Any info about that?

Thanks Séb

Susan Johnson 21 Oct 2002 06:22

Hello Seb and welcome!

What you are planning will not be easy to accomplish.

There is a ferry from Port Sudan to Jeddah, and you can theoretically get a transit visa in Khartoum. BUT, it seems to depend on when you apply (anytime around Ramadan is impossible), and perhaps which country you're from.

See the following post from a Norwegian in August of this year:

Another possibility is by boat (local dhau) from from Djibouti to Al Mukha (Mokkah) in Yemen, overland through Oman and UAE. For an account of this trip done in early 2001 by an Austrian, see:

From UAE (Sharjah), there is a ferry to Iran (Bandar e Abbas). For the UAE/Iran connection, Richard Stallard lives in the UAE and may be able to assist if you get there. Contact him through the HUBB:

I will also post this query in the Sahara Travel Forum, as there might be more up-to-date information available.

Best of luck, and please let us know how you go!

Susan Johnson

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