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KevOK 23 Aug 2007 09:23

Shipping from Australia to Malaysia
hi Guys ,
has anyone shipped out of Australia to Malaysia Lately or anywhere out of Sydney. I am trying to find some one in Sydney to do this for me but I'm getting no where, I keep getting asked for stuff like

In order to apply for import permit, the following documentation is required which takes aprox 2 week for approval:

3.Appointment Letter
4. Motorcycle Grant ( Original)

6. Vehicle Insurance ( This is to be purchases/covered in Malaysia -pls advise value of vehicle ).
Everything else is sorted out but i don't even know what this stuff is, I'm awaiting there reply.

Is this a normal request?
Thanks for your help,
I'm thinking of building a raft an floating the bike there myself.

riderbob 23 Aug 2007 14:13

Try this crowd:


Frank Warner 24 Aug 2007 05:07

Looks to me like they think you are going to keep the bike there... it that case "importation" is correct .. lots of paper work and fees .. if you are 'only' going there as a tourist then the "importation" is temporary .. be certain to make that clear .. is Malasia a carnet country?

As gar as I know GetRouted does not go to Malasia .. NZ, Isle of Man (UK) yes... and sometimes the USA?

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