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Gummikuh 30 Aug 2011 23:16

Shipping from Adelaide to Valparaiso/Chile

Can anyone recomend a shipping agent in Adelaide to ship our bikes
from Adelaide to Valpo/Chile??

Thanks for any help!!!


Heidi and Bernd 14 Sep 2011 11:21


We cant help you sorry, but we hope to meet you there! When you like to ship to Chile??

See you at x-mas in Usuhia....

Heidi and Bernd,

now in Kyoto, Japan

Adelaide to Anchorage 14 Sep 2011 14:43

we were doing the same thing but with the research we did we found that flying then is much easier and not that much more expensive.

Pros for Flying:

-Leave same day or if not day before or day after you
-You are not without your bike for up to 60 days but most people we spoke to this could look like more like 80 days
-Sometime not all the time but especially in south america you can be faced with more fees once you reach port to release the bikes there fore not making it that much cheaper than flying.

just what we have found we are flying our bikes in November this year with singapore airlines they offer very competitive rates.

When are you leaving? would be great to catch up before you go to swap stories help each other out before we both left.

pecha72 15 Sep 2011 23:38

Haven´t sent from Oz to South America, but I´ve sent from Sydney to Helsinki by sea, and it was estimated to take 42 days (faster than I´d expected)... but then there were some delays on the way, and so I ended up being without the bike for about 60 days.

Seafreight is slow. But 80 days to get your bike across the Pacific... that really sounds a bit long to me. The actual sailing would probably take about 20-30 days. But of course will also depend on the routing.

On longer distances you might actually save a bit, if you can wait for the vehicle to be sent by sea (but it also seems common, that by sea, you get those delays).

boomer.de 28 Sep 2011 04:11

Hi Werner & Claudia,

it was nice to meet you in Alice.
When are you going to continue your trip? We're leaving NZ at 12/11/2011 and fly to Santiago. We'd like to join the HU meeting in Argentina and maybe we'll go to Ushuaia too.

best regards from Dunedin, NZ
Kati & Jens


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