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Twintraveller 5 Aug 2005 04:36

Shipping Buenos Aires to Europe
HI, does anyone have latest info on sea or better airfreight from BA to Europe, preferably Germany, we are running out of money and have to ship back end of January.


herbertroelandt 6 Aug 2005 21:04

I got this quote:
Dear Mr Herbert

Thanks for your mail, We can help you with your bike
See below aproximately costo for ship the bikes by sea:

Sea freight Bue/ Antwerp : Usd 105 x T/M3
Handling & charges Usd 150
Stuffing: Usd 36.30 xT/M3
B/L fee: Usd 42.35
AGP: Usd 4
Security: Usd 10

Note that when you arrive Buenos Aires call us or come to our office in order to explain you all the customs formalities
If you have any doub´t don´t hesitate to contact us
Best regards
Luis Gazillon
Sales Executive
Tel: (54 11) 5552-2000 (Central)
Tel: (54 11) 5552-2011 ( Direct)
Fax: (54 11) 5552-2099

gestein 8 Aug 2005 00:22

Hi Martin,

try Hellmann Logistics in BA - they transported my bike by plane to Duesseldorf in 2004 (Costs about 1.400 Euros at that time) If you want to ship to Hamburg ask Hamburg-Sued, also in BA. It's much cheaper but may take a while ...




herbertroelandt 8 Aug 2005 03:24

Sorry, it was not clear in my message, but this quote is from Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Argentina S.A. for seafreight from BA to Antwerp

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