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21 Aug 1999 04:21

Shipping bikes from Israel?? to India
Hi, we are travelling on two bikes, currently in Europe, and heading East.

Does anyone have any info on shipping from Israel or thereabouts to India? By sea or air is ok.

Thanks, Erin & Chris Ratay

Aviv 1 Sep 1999 13:57

hey grant, how are you doing?
about what you asked me to check for your friends (and for me, offcourse!).
I called a guy who gave me a number of a company that do this kind of things, but he talled me that to get an offer for the price I need to have the size and weight of the motorcycles (as you probebly know).
he saied that they probebly gone look for a conteiner which is not foll and put the bices over there.
incase you cant get the sizes of the bices, tell me and I'll try to get any kind of information with out this info.
tell them them they are more then welcome.
how is the summer at your plase doing? I bet its easier then here.
be well

Grant Johnson 1 Sep 1999 14:00

Hi Aviv,

Thanks for getting the contact.

Does your friend want crated or uncrated? The bikes are BMW's if that's any help. A crated BMW is about 225cm long x 100cm wide x 125cm high, and weighs about 525kg.

We aren't concerned too much about exact cost at this point, very approximate would be fine.

The most important thing is that it is POSSIBLE to ship the bikes to India, so at least we know that. The other question if by sea, is how long would it take to arrive in India? Where in India?

Is it possible to ship by air? Some airlines will put the bike on a pallet, strap it down, and it goes on the same flight as you do.

We are having a very relaxing summer, compared to travelling, hwever we have a lot of work to do, gotta make some $green$ so we can travel some more!

We did a slide show of our travels at the BMW UK International Rally this weekend, had a great turnout, lots of fun and partying. Today I need to rest to recover!

What are you doing that is so hard? Other than sweating in the heat chasing the girls of course!

Thanks again, Grant

Susan Johnson 4 Sep 1999 00:26


hey grant, how are you doiong?
o.k, thats the dill: it's 130$ for 1Mt heightxlengthxwidth (I guess there is a word that describes better, only I dont know her). plus 200$ more or less for others (taxes, pay to the guy that dill with the paper stuf, the box etc.)
there is a boat every week to Bombei and the trip takes 30 days (go to Singapure, change boat and continue).
I asked the guy about airplanes and he talled me its about 6$ for kilo. I remember I asked for my self ones in costa rica in a german company and the price was about the same as a pasenger.
thats all I have for now. if you want me to chack more about planes, let me know. how ever, Im guess that in jordan it will be cheaper

Aviv 15 Sep 1999 00:43

halo people, how you all doing?

My name is Aviv and since I live in Israel . I've been asked to see if I can get some Info about this issue and here is what I got:

By sea: here I called "Aviram cargo" and the offer is $130 U.S for 1Mt long X high X wide, plus $200 for 'others' which includes taxes, commission etc.

There is a boat going every week from Israel to Bombai and the trip takes about 1 month.

Tel # is: 03- 7522585 ask for Hagai or Rami.

By air: this time I called El Al. here. They already knew about the issue since Erin & Chris were already in contact with them.

The deal here is about $700 U.S for a bike in a box or $1000-1200 on some kind of a flat (because in a box he can put things on top of the bike). I forgot to ask how often planes go to India but I guess its every couple days and they go to Bombay too.

Tel # is: 03- 9717812 ask for Chico.

Now, since I have this Info, I'm just going to have to use it!

have a safe trip (even if it's just to the toilets).


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