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mistress-kate 7 May 2009 21:25

Shipping bike UK to Alaska
Does anyone have any experience shipping their bike from the UK to Alaska?

I contacted Frontier Forwarding and they quoted £2,500 to ship one way for a BMW 650 GS!!! That's half the value of the bike! But hey, it does include the crate - which I suppose I should be grateful for!

I can fly it into Vancouver for £1,200 but that’s where I was hoping to end up. I can also do a buy back option with a local hire shop but I have to return it to Anchorage – where I was hoping to start

The other option is to buy something over there but how do I do that without a local address?? I would be grateful for other people’s first-hand experience.


g&s2up 8 May 2009 00:23

UK to Alaska
Hi Kate

We are flying our 1200GSA from Heathrow to Anchorage in June using James Cargo James Cargo Services IATA, AATA, IPATA and DEFRA approved Cargo Agent £1290 one way. Speak to Giles or Roddy, they have been very helpful so far!

Ride Safe, as in life -Stay Upright

Graham and Sue

Oz 8 May 2009 22:44

dont touch frontier forwarding with a barge pole
I used this company in 2004 and they quoted 900 odd quid. bike was three weeks late, they were incompetent to say the least in regards to customs and paperwork. if i had not done lots of phoning from alaska and paying other people to sort out their mess the bike would have never arrived in anchorage but would have remained impounded in customs in san fran. MY ADVICE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT HASSLE FREE TRANSPORT. hope this helps. I will try to find the shipping report link and post it here.

mistress-kate 10 May 2009 15:55

Wow... great advice from both of you - thanks.

I will reject Frontier Forwarding. I wasn't going to pay their price anyway so they had already been discounted but this puts the lid on it.

I will contact James Cargo again. I did contact them before a while ago and remember thinking it was expensive but I'll try again as this time it's for a one way to Alaska not a two way to Canada!

Thanks again

bootsboatsandbikes 25 Jan 2011 20:34

Great Service from James Cargo - so far!
Ivanka and I are just planning a trip in May 2011 and we're going to take a year to travel North and South America. So far James Cargo have been highly recommended - Giles was a great help.
Look forward to being on the road in May!

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