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RTW2010 10 Aug 2010 04:22

Shipping bike Germany to Singapore
Hi, I need to ship my AT back to Singapore (after riding it to Germany from there). Can anyone guide me as to what the best/cheapest options are?

- Is it better to ship by sea or air?
- From what port? Hamburg, Rotterdam etc? I can drive to most places in central Europe if necessary.
- What freightforwarders have experience packing and shipping a bike?

Many thanks.
Journey to Dakar

shovpow 11 Aug 2011 21:26

I´m organising my shipping for two bikes from Germany to Perth Australia. All these shippings are passing Singapore. This is the cheap direction anyway (by ship) There are some transporting companies. If you like we try to find a cheaper price for 3 bikes.
We are shipping from Hamburg, that´s best for Germany.
You can contact me under mr dot brand ädd gmx dot de.
Sorry haven´t realized that it was 2010. But if you see this answer perhaps you can share with us the way you´ve done it.
Regs Robert

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