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kebabtomten 29 Dec 2009 03:33

Shipping Bike From Malaysia To Uk
can anyone recommend a reliable shipping agent in Port klang or KL??? all the ones posted on the shipping info site are old info and non of the agents exist anymore.?

I have contacted some agents in KL but none of them have experience with bike shipping, one of the agents even asked me if I still have the crate and packing material left from when I shipped the bike from KTM-BKK so he could use it again????


beddhist 29 Dec 2009 21:24

Strange, have another go, as only a few months ago I called one of the agents in PK. Unfortunately I can neither remember his name nor where I got the number from.

I strongly suggest you contact the HU communities. Malaysian bikers bend over backwards to help people on the road.

Jabez Clegg 30 Dec 2009 05:33

I have just shipped to OZ from Jahor and used a shipper from Jahor port, very good service, I don,t have the info to hand but if it is of use to you I,ll dig it out, Pete

Brian and Marie 30 Dec 2009 18:15

Try this
Alvin Chan at Wilhelmsen Ships Service in KL
Tel is 60 3 2092 6600

We used them to ship from KL (port klang) to Buenos Aires. Very professional service. We were pleased to the point that we wrote out a 1 page "how to" guide for them to hand over to other motorcyclists. It explains the process and will help speed things up for both you and Alvin.

Here it is, should you choose to use them:

The process
1.Contact Alvin directly by phone to introduce yourself and explain where you want to ship
2.Send an e-mail to Alvin and he will respond with a quote for the shipment. He will initially estimate the volume of the shipment. Important: Make sure the final bill of lading you will receive at the end of the process has the correct dimensions rather than the initial estimate he will be using
3.Once you have agree to proceed, you will need to go to the offices of Wilhelmsen Ships Services and do two things. First, you will need to sign a document authorizing the company to process paperwork on your behalf. It is written entirely in Malay. Second, you will need to provide Alvin with an “Invoice and Packing list”. Here is an example of the information contained in this form:


Date: Sept. 4th, 2009

Wilhelmsen Freight & Logistics Sdn Bhd
1 Sentral 18th floor
Jalan Travers
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

To :
C/O Your name here
An address where you will be at the destination city (Friend or Hotel)
Telephone number

Value (RM)
Motorcycle model BMW R1100 GS year 1998
Chassis number (VIN) 9999XXXX8888
Loose items with motorcycle:
(crash helmets x 2)
(Red duffel bag containing: Tent x 1, sleeping bags x 2,
Mosquito net x 1, motorcycle clothing)

Items inside metal boxes
(selection of spare parts, puncture repair kit, tools,
compressor for pumping up tyre,
camping stove and cooking equipment,
selection of clothing, motorcycle clothing,
empty 1L fuel can x 2, motorcycle boots x 1)
1 Case
RM 22000

Name: Your name
Passport No: Your number
Your address in Malaysia

4.Once you have provided Alvin with the signed authorization form and Invoice and Packing list he will reserve a space on the next vessel. The chances are that the vessel is only a “feeder vessel” which will go first to Singapore then transfer your shipment to another vessel for the final voyage to destination port. Alvin will send the confirmation of the booking.
5.Alvin will then notify you of where to bring your motorcycle and when (Port Klang, takes 1 hour from downtown KL to get there). He will also provide you with a contact name. This person (probably Wishnu or Alan) will be handling the customs paperwork and will help organize crating at the port.
6.When you go the port with your bike, be sure to bring along your passport and your carnet. The passport you will leave at the security gate of the port area and you will be given a badge. This allows you access to the port area. The carnet you will give to your contact and they will use it to process you out with customs. This may take longer than one day.
7.You will leave your bike with your contact and a box will be made. Here is an important point, there are 2 types of boxes. One is called a case and the other a crate. The difference between the 2 is minimal but will affect the cost. This is something you should discuss with Alvin early in the process (when you first meet him). He has photos he can show you of each type. Also, you may want to see your bike being put into the box (crate or case). This is possible but may be a little more complicated and time consuming since the bike has not yet been measured. This means that if you want to witness the motorcycle being put in the box you will need to come back the following day (the box maker will measure your bike then make the box later in the day, it will not be possible for him to make the box AND secure your bike inside on the same day).
  1. Once the bike has been crated and fumigated and your Carnet has been processed the carnet will be returned via courier to the head office of Wilhelmsen Ships Services in KL. You can retrieve it once it arrives.
  2. The next step is the Bill of Lading. This will be prepared by Alvin prior to the loading of your shipment. He will send you a draft copy via e-mail that you can review. Ask him to see an example earlier in the process so that you can ask all of your questions early on and thus avoid delays.
  3. You will then give your OK for the Bill of Lading
  4. You will go to the offices of Wilhelmsen once the shipment has been loaded aboard the feeder vessel to pay your bill and receive the Master Bill of Lading. Now you wait for the shipment to arrive. Sit back and relax, you are done!

kebabtomten 1 Jan 2010 05:06

Thanks Guys!!!

This is top noch info

With Regards

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