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Jack Mao 13 Jun 2003 21:32

Shipping Bike from Germany to Beijing
Grateful if anyone can recommend a shipping / freight forwading company to ship bike from Germany to Beijing - one presumes rail would be good , without it putting me in debt for the rest of my life. The time it takes is not important.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks

Susan Johnson 14 Jun 2003 05:48

Hi Jack, and welcome to the HUBB!

We have not heard of any travellers who have shipped into Beijing from Europe, so you may be the pioneer ;-)

As a starting point, the Shippers page has a list of recommended international shipping companies. Not all of them have offices in both Germany and China, though. Following are two that do:

Hellman Worldwide Logistics originated in Germany, but has offices worldwide and throughout China. Contact details are on their site.

UTI / Transworld Express has offices in Germany and throughout China. Contact details are on their site.

Good luck and let us know how you go!

Susan Johnson

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Jack Mao 14 Jun 2003 21:25

Thanks Susan for this prompt reply - much appreciated I have contacted Hellman from the site and received reply from them - latest news is that they apparently do not offer Motorbike Shipping Services any more. Will try your second suggestion.

Cameron 20 Jun 2003 07:41

Hi Jack, Try Lufthansa, I have found that flying is the same cost as shipping in the long run. I flew my bike from Istanbul to Bangkok using Lufthansa and they supplied a special pallet for bikes, so you dont have to crate. Their service is good and they are experienced at shipping bikes. See if you can talk them into helping you fill out your own Dangerous goods form, it will save you about $60... good luck. Cameron

Jack Mao 21 Jun 2003 11:35

Thanks Cameron - will check out Lufthansa - much appreciated.

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