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woody 21 Jul 2012 20:33

Shipping bike from Colombia to australia ??
any info please,i will be ending trip in cartagena

sandergielen 28 Jul 2012 18:12

Hi Woody, I think you can ship it RORO with Wallenius from Cartagena to Manzanillo (Panama) and then from Manzanillo to either Birsbane, Port Kembla or Melbourne.

Here is a link:


Hope this is of help to you.

Have a nice day, Sander

bad babba 28 Jul 2012 18:39

go to turbo in colombia small town yuo can ship yuor bike from thear cheap aruond 300 us maxium 2 smal difrent boats takes about 3 days yuo stop in a smal vilage first stop and clear custom waiting 1 or 2 days four next boat then 1 night one a smal iland then the next day yuo are in panama easy and a nice trip

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