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larrysimpson 6 Mar 2010 01:36

Shipped COPA from Panama to Bogota
I went to GIrag first and they quoted me $901, and I found Copa further left on the cargo circle. Their price was $630, but I paid another $40 or so at the COlombia end when I went to pick up the bike (for customs).
The cargo area is about 7 km from Tucomen airport, around the end of the runway. There is a backpacker hotel not bad for $30/night, and others too if you ask a taxi driver and give him a couple bucks.
The people at Copa in Panama and in Colombia were super...
I gave up on the boat option as could not get good info and looked like delays in finding something and in getting over to Colombia.
TIcket price for my body was $386. though, Panama City to Bogota.
But still good. Bike seemed to be handled well, and I just had to take most of the gas out, deflate the tires some, disconnect the battery...no great pain.
Good luck.

akemmis 20 Jul 2010 11:57

larry will try and send you a PM re this, i know Colombia fairly well and plan to air ship my KLR650 from Barranquilla to Pananma via COPA. If you have some more details on the costs of this that would be awesome.


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