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aukeboss 19 Mar 2002 16:51

shipment Cape Town to Europe
Hello y'all

We are slowly getting to the end of our Amsterdam to Cape Town trip. The plan is to ship back the bikes from Cape Town to Europe, or preferably, Amsterdam.
Is there anybody who knows to go to which agent, ship by sea or air, what prices would be?

Any info much appreciated.


Bigmac 19 Mar 2002 18:04

Hi there,

I was looking at shipping a bike in December 2001 from Cape town to the UK and was told the following by various agents;

They charge between 85.00 and 90.00 US per cubic meter, the bikes will need to be crated, this they quoted in SA Rands about R300.00 a cubic meter to crate the bike for you, maybe you could save a bit if you crated it yourself.

When you get to Cape Town look in the Yellow Pages and you will find loads of shipping agents.


PanEuropean 24 Mar 2002 06:35

You might be able to get away without crating the bikes. Just put them on a suitable pallet and ask the airline to provide a container (ULD) to hold them. If the airline is hungry enough for the business, they'll do this at no charge.

Typically, for motorcycles, you cube out before you weigh out. But, if the airline has empty space in the belly, they might just cut you a deal and charge you only for the weight and forgive the cube. The tradeoff for this is you have to let them pick the date that they ship, which can be as quick as same day or as long as 7 to 10 days after you drop it off.

Go looking for an airline that runs widebodies (I know SAA does, certainly in and out of ZRH, probably to the UK as well) or combi's. That's the size of plane you need.

You can see a picture of a container at this thread: Flying bike from Europe to Nairobi

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Jerome 12 Apr 2002 16:08

I am currently using Megafreight to fly bike from London to CT. ]http://www.megafreight.co.za[/url]

They are the importer for KTM's to South Africa all of which are flown into JHB.

They admit they aren't the cheapest but the service is very good and the costs all detailed out.

Megafrieght Cape Town are on +27 21 413 4300

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