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ingolfurkolb 12 Feb 2009 05:34

Ship form NZ - Bangkok by sea
Hi there,

I’m just wondering if any of you have any experience with Bangkok port officials? Did read on an old thread about guy were it took 10 days declaring the bike.

Our original plan was to ship the bikes to Singapore but there we are required to have carnet so we are really thinking about shipping them to Thailand now.

Any help would be well appreciated.


pecha72 12 Feb 2009 06:31

Dont have personal experience about Bangkok seaport, but I´ve been warned several times not to ship anything there, because of possible difficulties.

BKK airport, on the other hand, was pretty straightforward, took about 2 hours to clear the bike. They make a temporary import permit, that allows you keep the bike in Thailand for 30 days.

I would think the procedure should be roughly the same, no matter whether the vehicle enters via airport or seaport, so don´t really have an idea, what´s up with BKK seaport. Without a carnet, your choices in that region are limited.

ingolfurkolb 12 Feb 2009 10:26

Hey thanks for your comment.

Yeah you would really think the procedure should be the same to clear the bike at the port as at the airport.

I did ring Air New Zealand cargo asking about shipping the bikes to Bangkok and they quoted around 3000 NZD while shipping by sea is around 500 NZD, so there is a big difference. Would bee keen to keep those extra $2000- 2500 to buy beer :cool4:

I did notice that the only countries in SE Asia that you need carnet for are Singapore and Malaysia. So I was hoping to be able to live without it.?c?


pecha72 12 Feb 2009 10:47

You do need carnet for Indonesia, too.

I think we could have crossed into Malaysia without it, as they seemed like they couldnt care less, but this was a land border (from Thailand) so I´ve no idea, if it would work on a port, maybe not.

If I were you, I´d keep trying to find a cheaper airfare. And do note, that shipping by sea, the costs somehow just keep piling up with port handling fees etc., so many people have found out, that it is more expensive than the original quote.

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