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domi 15 Aug 2012 07:54

Ship bike from Vancouver to Thailand?
Hey guys,

I'm looking into shipping my KLR 650 from Vancouver, Canada to Bangkok, Thailand in November. Has anyone done this and has some advice, starting with who you shipped using and the cost? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated as I am very new to this and just trying to figure out the pitfalls.


pascalfortier 19 Aug 2012 19:16

If you dont really want to go outside Thailand you can rent a brand new versys 650 (The road model of KLR 650) for 800$ per month. 2 shops in bangkok. I did that instead of shipping my bike. I did 5000 kms in Thailand plus a another 5000 in Laos Cambodia. If you ask in advance they will get you the paperwork to go outside thailand for your rental.

The Versys goes 190kmh. I have a KTM 990adv and the versys was pretty comparable. It goes semi off-road, work like a charm, fantastic throught mountains. Not ashamed of the bike when stopping for a beer in the Bandidos MC Bars

Be sure to ask about insurance and get proof, I had an accident and its quite a mess to deal after. Wear a Jacket all the time. Probably saved my upper body.

Laos Good motorcycles (250cc) can be rented in Vientiane ( park your bike next to the friendship bridge 1-3$ per day secure garage)
Cambodia There is like 3-4 shop that rents in Phnom Penh, I suggest renting from the french guy, he's the most expensive 30$ a day but he will exchange your 250 cc anywhere in cambodia if it break down.
Park your bike in aranyanprathet border town 1-3$ per day secure.

If you still want to ship your bike, im shipping my KLR 650 to cambodia or Thailand maybe we could team in vancouver or south of the border to get better prices. (I live in Cambodia now).

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