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lend 14 Jul 2006 19:10

Ship Bike from Canada to Buenos Aires or Santiago
I have a price of approximately $6,000. US to ship my bike from Winnipeg Canada, with our only National Airline. I can not find any freight forwarders who will ship a motorcycle for an individual to compare this price to. Is a $6,000. reasonable? Any advice? Shipping the bike seems to be the greatest challenge of this entire trip.

hook 15 Jul 2006 00:21

Hi Lend, $6,000 sounds way high- in Canadian or USD. Try to contact these folks: All Cargo, www.allcargo.com.ar They are shipping my bike from Buenos Aires to South Africa. They ship to many places and seem to be a solid outfit- I'll let you know in 2 weeks after they ship the bike! I sure hope you can find a better deal, that's alot of cash.

412driver 16 Jul 2006 14:33

air canada will be one of your most expensive options. keep checking.....

ps. i'm just up the lake in Berens River right now fighting fires

ssa2 17 Jul 2006 02:19

shipping bike
Shipping from anyone is nuts. I checked with about 4 or 5 places and finally decided to just rent a bike down there. I can rent one for $1900 US per month. When you figure putting on 6,000 miles and new front and rear tires and new chain and sprokets and oil changes. It is nuts to take your bike. Cause you can not leave it there either so you need to spend that again to ship it back. You could always drive the bike to Miami Fl. and then shipping would run about $1,000 to $1,500 for one way. I can send you some shippers that have given me this quote.
Inland from Souix Falls, SD 57117 to Miami Air Port $549.00
Air Freight to Santiago $820.00
Hazardous surcharge $100.00
Forwaridng fee $75.00
Title clearance $125.00

Insurance 2% of value

Henry Robinson
Fahl Freight Forwarding Co

lend 24 Jul 2006 14:48

Shipping bike from Canada to Argentina
Renting is not an option. After Argentina, we will travel north by bike back to Winnipeg Canada. This should be a 4 to 5 month trip. I would appreciate any information you might have regarding shippers who can fly the bike out of Miami and also take care of all the regulations and paper work associated with bringing a bike from Canada into the US and then out of the US into South America. Shipping Canadian Dangerous Goods out of the US seems to add a lot of additional processes.
I am in contact with a two freight forwarders in Canada, but am still waiting for them to get back to me with a price. I will contact Allcargo in Argentina again, as they have not yet acknowledged my previous inquiry.

mollydog 25 Jul 2006 20:30

Air freighting a bike to SA is expensive, as you've seen.

No idea which country would be easier at the import end.

Cinquegrana 27 Jul 2006 18:46


Originally Posted by mollydog
Air freighting a bike to SA is expensive, as you've seen.
If you must do this, then ship the bike as 2nd hand parts.

Strip in right down. Send two seperate shipments. In small crates.
Its a lot cheaper. Don't ship it as a "whole vehicle" . Just say PARTS.
USED PARTS. Dirty them up if you have to. Should be quite a bit cheaper.

That carb and tank will have to be totally devoid of gas smell, dry as a bone.
Engine oil totally drained out. Send motor in one crate. Send everything else
in another. Also, hand carry as much as you can of the bike with you.

Even if you have to pay "excess baggage" charge, it will be MUCH cheaper than Air freight. You can take Wheels with you, handlebars, Battery, seat, and who knows what else. Buy some cheap and BIG used suitcases at garage sales. Easy to find. Take care battery is a sealed type.

I have friends who have done this successfully in the past, but not to S.
America. Might be worth looking into. Could save you $2000 or so.

No idea which country would be easier at the import end. Hopefully you can get more info from locals here on HU. Argentina is cheaper in general, but there are a lot of "other" factors to consider. Good luck!


Sounds like a good idea, I just have a few comments:
Take a "battery" with you on an airplane, I don't think it's allowed.
What do you do when the customs agent at your destination asks you to pay duty on the items you brought with you on the plane?
How do you register the bike or get a temp permission? If you build them bike at your destination it will never show up as being imprted temporarly?

Forgive me if I am way off here but these are some things that came to mind.

Now, as far as shipping some of the items I can tell you that it will be quite expensive. First of all some countries do not allow used items. Second, the duty for example in Argentina is 50% of the value of the new item, sure you can make an invoice for a lot less but you run the risk of the agent knowing the price of some items like a Transalp engine and charging you the full amount.

Just my opinion.

John C.

mollydog 27 Jul 2006 21:25

All your points are good ones John,

Hope this is of some use,

PatOnTrip 28 Jul 2006 18:01

Hi Lend!

You may look at shipping your bike from Toronto/Montreal/NewYork to Buenos Aires by boat. It should be a lot cheaper. But expect a lot of delays!

But why not drive from Canada to South America? And then ship your bike back home. When I was in BA in June, the base price for shipping a motorcycle to Canada by plane was about 1500$US. Also by riding south, you will have a chance at the end of your trip to leave your bike there a year or more and then come back later to ride it back to Canada!

Also by riding down, I like more the idea that:"the more I ride, the more I will discover things on the road than "the more I ride, faster I'm gonna be back home"!


lend 18 Aug 2006 16:44

Shipping bike from Canada to Argentina
Problem solved, thanks to information gained from this thread. Thanks guys. The solution to finding a shipping company was to contact the airlines in Chile/Argentina, and then work backwards to their agents in Canada. Two Canadian Companies that will ship my bike are Nippon Express and Presitige International. My large touring motorcycle needs a crate 44”x98”x50” and the cost from both these companies is around $3500.CDN This compares to shipping with Canada’s national airline at a cost of $6500. or having it shipped through the Harley Owners group for $7200. I hope I am just as satisfied when I unpack my bike in Santiago Chile in Mid November.

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